Saturday, 31 March 2012

Telstra and Rock&Roll

I arrived home back from Rock&Roll weekend and my Internet and phone was down until Friday. Apparently a Telstra employee unplugged my line when trying to connect a new one in the central... At least that is what they told me.
Anyway I have Internet now and although a week has passed and everyone in kayaking NSW wrote and talked about how beautiful the place is and how good an event the R&R is I will add my 2 cents on photos.
But what is the R&R event I hear a friend of mine ask. Well it is a 3 days event organised by NSW Sea Kayak club where all the sea kayakers of the area and further afield get together, drink a lot of beers and socialise... Ahh, right there is also the paddling during the days and a lot of interesting people giving talks about what they know best in the kayaking environment.
I haven't taken many photos during the socialising-talking time but I took some while paddling:
Apologies if I add too many photos, I will trty to post only the best ones but I think they will be too many anyway...
The coast is a long unbroken cliff line
With some beautiful formations

On Saturday I was in a group to work a bit on forward stroke technique
The master Mark
Master correcting a his Padawan (sorry I've just finished watching starwars clone wars)

what a coast!!
but the rock formations and the cost had a stronger appeal and soon the technique clinic degenerated into catching rebounds, 

playing among rocks

and exploring caves

Sunday was paddling around the peninsula with a big group
Getting ready at Honeymoon Bay
To start with the conditions were flat calm
then building up
 after the "corner" a bit more of swell kept thing "steep"
 and added the rebound agains the cliff

Exploring the caves is always an attraction

All smiles
The seals colony was a highlight for me
and some rolls showed me a different perspective

Some gauntlets

And heading back into the bay after the best 25 km I have paddled so far


  1. Nice one Fer, you were shredding it out there in amongst the rocks and caves, a top weekend.

    1. Thanks Mark, yeah, it was great and thank you for the photos you took and the corrections on forward stoke!!

  2. Great photos, Fer. Looks like a most amazing paddle.

    1. Thank you Dirk, take a look at Mark's blog for more great pictures

  3. Jealous Fer, very jealous. :)
    Sorry I missed it. Looks like an awesome weekend.