Monday, 30 January 2012

Some photos and videos

Testing how to arrange some photos and videos:
Surfing with loaded kayak, just before capsizing.

Jumping with the bike
Playing the water holes in Mendoza, Argentina

A few years ago with my mountaneering buddies in the Andes

Frey needles at sunset in the Andes

2nd day trapped in the tents traversing the ice field in Patagonia

Climbing one of the needles at Frey, Argentina

Practicing under the rail bridge

Skiing... that was the plan

Frey needles, Bariloche, Argentina

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Welcome me

Flat water kayaking, rock climbing, white water kayaking, mountaineering, mountain biking and finally sea kayaking... That is my story, so far. A good amount of rock and water spray.
Grew up in a delta and started kayaking, went to the hills and started climbing rock walls, then I wanted to mix and went down rivers. In the quest of nice rivers I saw high peaks and wanted to climb them.
I've always used the bike as a transport so I decided to use it for fun when I moved to Sydney and mixed again rock and wheels. It was hot and the sea was close to home and mixed again in a plastic sea kayak staying close to the cliffs of our shores so close that the water is not blue or green but white!!!