Monday, 2 April 2012

Camera mount shot 1

I like to push my own boundaries, get a bit better, improve when I do something I enjoy.
My artistic genes were removed at birth or even before... so I have no big hopes in the photographic/video creation. My aim, apart from having memories recorded, is to show my family and friends, who mostly do not paddle, how it looks and how it feels being in the moving water (as much as is possible through images and without being a Fellini).
I got a water proof camera at the beginning of this year to try to achieve that. I have been taking photos and videos but I wanted a camera mount to be able to manage the kayak while filming (I have tried without a camera mount and the images were too shaky).
The models usually used have a suction cup at the base to keep the mount on the kayak. However my kayak is plastic and its surface is too ragged to hold the vacuum long, so soon after the suction cup is fitted it falls off.
I got a mount with a flat surface as a base and applied a hard core velcro to stick it to the kayak. I went to "my beach" and did a mild surf session to test it. I got some nice shots while surfing the kayak and while paddling. I even went through the braking wave... but not the camera mount, you can see its dead in the video.

I knew I would need to bolt it to the kayak but it was worth a shot before making holes in the kayak...

The next day I went to the same spot with family and friends and they "offered" to record from the beach:


  1. Thanks angle will work as long as you choose the 'surf' setting on a camera like a GoPro. The 128 degree HD setting is too narrow if the camera is going to be so close.

  2. Mark, my camera is a Nikon coolpix AW100 so no surf setting for me as far as I know :-(
    I know it is a bit too close but it was only shot 1 :-) It was mainly to see if the velcro was going to work or not. When I saw the results I was happy with it being only the first attemp so I wanted to share it.
    It is also the first work with the new video editing software so a lot new skills to learn and apply.
    However the angle is far from what I wanted to achieve so still a lot of work to do.

    PS. I do like your videos :-)

  3. Fer - Nice action photography; I felt I was in the boat with you, then I realised that if it was me, there would be a lot more underwater shots as that is how I usually get back to the beach; (boat full of salt water and sand).

  4. Thanks Owen, you made me laugh with your comment in a morning loaded of grim work.