Friday, 4 April 2014

Inspired to play

There are videos of many kinds. Many are boring or just to spend some time while you wait for another thing. Others I enjoy watching but soon after they finished I am the same as before. Rarely there is a video that inspires and motivates me.
Below is one of the best action videos I have seen for a while, and it inspired me to paddle harder and practice more.

Now that I got a gopro and inspired by the video above I put the camera behind me, not so high though.
I went to play in the surf and some rock gardens. The sea state was not big, swell of 1-1.5 m with our normal period of around 8-9 seconds. Some chop from a little wind on top. I was happy with my performance and with the play I had.

After it broke it reformed and when it broke again it took me for a bonus broached ride. A nice shot but someone reminded me it is not the best technique.
When I got home I checked the footage. I was very disappointed with myself and very impressed with Mr Sean Morley. The things he was playing with must have been HUGE!! While I was surfing, the faces were probably close to 2 meters, not so much when I was playing among the rocks but in my footage they all look minuscule!! Specially compared to Sean's video... Again, my helmet off to this guy.
Then I ran out of space in my hard drive and moving stuff around to try to extract a few more kb from the machine I lost the recorded stuff from that day. I went the next day and bought an external HD so I have space for awhile now, but the lost records are gone.
Anyway, during RnR I had my revenge, not with the machine but with the video. The waves still don't look as spectacular as in the video above and I didn't really surf anything but I enjoyed it and had the biggest run over rocks I have done so far.

I got a lot of raw material from that day because I could not turn on and of the camra on the back of the boat. That, plus the pressure from having done a good video for the Pogies Festival, was too much. I tried but I think my prevoius one from the Tollgates was better.
You have to decide. Enjoy it and leave me some comments with what you think.


  1. Mr Morley is an awesome paddler. Few can compare.

    Your video was awesome, and that location looks like a lot of fun. Much like some of the areas we have here in California, but it looks like your water is warmer.

    1. Thanks Peter, yes the water is a warmer especially now that it is summer :-) but from some videos I've seen you have more material to play and more paddlers to go with. I need to go there one day.