Sunday, 10 February 2013

The water cannon

Some time last year we visited the 'Dragon's Den'. I don't know if that is the real name but that was what we called it since. We didn't get to see the dragon but we heard it loud and clear. After that we never got to paddle to that point again, at least when I was present.
Last week that changed. With a relative benign sea state and a large group we managed to reach the point again. 'Would the dragon be inside?', 'What will be his mood today?' I was confident that with the NE swell the dragon would be happy and playfull.
Apparently the dragon is not such, it is a metamorphic entity that during this last visit mutated to the form of a water cannon. Still it was in a good mood and played with us a lot.

Rob bracing the rebound.
A few meters rised the courtain of water, who is behind?
Proud of Sydney, Mardi Gras city. Lots of rainbows that afternoon
Wade ready for the next rebound

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