Friday, 1 February 2013

The Red Submarine

Miserable weather today gray, cold (for a summer day) and raining. No paddling. Hopefully tomorrow.

With off water time, my kid playing with his friends and my wife preparing her friends baby shower I decided to compile another short video from last week. Sorry about the fogged images.

I went surfing with my kayak. Not excellent waves but it was fun anyway. I have been practising some pirouettes on my sea kayak and I managed to do an endo (put the kayak perpendicular to the water surface while on the face of the wave and complete the 180 by falling with he tail pointing to the beach).
About to plunge head first back into the water
Later a wave decided to take revenge and when it broke on top of my head my skirt imploded. When the white water receded I was paddling a red submarine.
Red submarine

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