Saturday, 10 May 2014

They are coming again!!

I was a bit sick last weekend so I didn't paddle to recover and be able to work during the week. The week at work was the worst I ever had. This morning I woke up and I was still not feeling well. One ear blocked and my throat complaining... but I needed to relax and drain the bad week I had. I took the kayak and my idea was to go and drift... In the end I paddled. I worked against the wind first and when I turned I discovered I was being followed.
When I saw them they started to jump, probably to dissimulate they had been following me but I knew better :-)
It is early in the season and the water is still warm but here they are. I saw 2 travelling together on their North migration. Hopefully I will see more this winter.

I got a very short video, a bit shaky because I didn't have the camera holder and the quality is not good neither, not sure why it recorded so crappy...

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