Monday, 19 May 2014

Low swell, big rocks

Another glorious weekend playing very close to rocks. Low swell and no wind meant the sea looked like a lake. That is perfect to play on the spots where you cannot normally go.

It was me and Rhys (most of the photos were taken by him) and he had a good go at the overfalls and mazes of rocks. It is amazing how far he has improved. A year ago he was going through the surf for the first time and now this...
 And I was trying to see how much weight the kayak can support:


  1. Were you in Hunter coast?
    And the surprise was? :)

  2. yes, those were in the big cave area.
    and the surprise was... nasty :-)
    Maybe I will talk about in another post.

  3. I've been wanting to ask... what is the small white bundle at the front of your kayak for?

    1. It was originally devised for the camera to record and correct myself on paddling and rolling. These days I dont put the camera there anymore but it is handy to lift the deck lines when I want to park the paddle under :-)