Sunday, 25 November 2012

Wind surfers, folowing seas and whales

Half way through the ‘whales’ season this year I was complaining how unlucky I had been at spotting wild life in the last year, specially whales.
That was until I saw some dolphins during a paddle at Cook Is. Soon after, 1 week to be precise, I met a nice pair of seals ‘posing’ for me and the group I was paddling with during a trip to Batesman Bay. Then, 2 weeks later, I had the most amazing encounter with dolphins and whales within Sydney Harbour. As if all that wasn’t enough, not a week had passed, and I found more whales doing again a full show of tails and jumps.

This encounter was out while paddling and surfing exhilarating following seas on my own. Following seas we call when wind and waves come from behind you and you may surf those waves.
Surfing the following seas, a very fun activity.
That day the wind was in the low 20kn from the SE and the sea was just being developed with slow waves of up to 2 meters. Ideal for sea enthusiasts like wind surfers and kite surfers of which I found a few out there that day.
Other users, kite surfs and whale watching cruises.
Also very nice conditions to ride the waves with a sea kayak. I drove me and my family to a beach where I launched from. I paddled, they drove and we met again in a beach 20 km north a few hours later. When I met them they told me of the boring traffic and I told them of the amazing whales.
Another awesome show
The wind kept blowing water on the camera, a pity
A typical family, I think a it was a pod of 2 adults and 2 kids

Of course, those conditions didn’t make for calm and easy shooting at the whales but I got some nice filming. However that wasn’t enough so I filled the rest with me catching those waves. If you get bored of watching me, be patient, the whales are about to make their appearance J

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  1. Fer, great shots of the whales "playing". The few times I've uncounted them in my kayak, they have just been heading north as quick as they could (to have their babies) or just as quick going south (to get home again). However, this year I was lucky enough to catch them frolicking about towards the northern end of Fraser Island, (though I was on a big, "whale watch" cruiser, not my kayak). Owen