Saturday, 19 October 2013


The weather observations read wind close to 20kn with gusts in the high 20s. However that was in the coast. My intention was to go for a paddle just inside the bay so the wind should be a lot weaker than that... except the wind was blowing from the land. Anyway, I have been in high winds before, ritht?.... but not in a K1!

I have known that Cahomin had a K1 and I have been asking him when I can go for a paddle, to see if I remember anything from last time I paddled those thin boats over 20 years ago. Finally a few weeks ago I had the opportunity and we went for a gentle paddle in the lake. He in his TK1 and me in his K1. It all went well and no rescues or swims were needed.

Since I have moved, I have been wondering if I would use a K1 during the week for training paddles in the bay near my new home... if I had one that is. The Saturday I met with Cahomin, after the test paddle and after reasuring him I would not sink his K1 nor take it near the rocks I took his boat home while he doesn't use it. The Tuesday after that, I was working from home and at 5pm I put the kayak on my shoulder and walked the 500 meters to the water. It is a small pebble beach in the bay but the wind was creating small waves. I sat in the kayak and started to paddle towards the protected side of the bay. I kept going pushing against the wind until I reached the end and then I turned to follow the coast with the wind from the side now. It wasnt easy and more times I can remember I did an emergency brace to stay on top of the kayak. When it was time to turn with the wind behind it was releif. I was going faster than the waves near the coast. As I was feeling ok with the kayak I went out of the protection of the coast and there the wind waves were a bit bigger and I started to ride them... and brace like crazy to stay up right. I landed ok in the end and very pleased that I had not have to swim.

On a calm hot day.
That was the first of many more I did. Since the day light saving kicked in I ride my push bike back home from work and by 6.30 I am on the water paddling, not everyday but once a week or so. It is not the most exciting paddle when it is not that windy but it keeps me wet and as some very wise paddler once told me: "a day in the water is better than a day out of the water"... or something along those lines.
With the light, in this photo it looks as if I had big dorsals muscles

A thing about the k1, it shows every defect in the tecniche.


  1. Technique will be way more comfortable with a shorter wing. That paddle is far too long for you in the skinny boat.

    1. Cheers Joel for the tip. I don't paddle with a wing because the paddlig technique is very different from a euro blade. I would use a shorter euro paddle with smaller blades but the problem is the price... will you go one step further from the advice and buy one for me? :-)

    2. Nope, I will play no part in this K1 with a Euro abomination ;)
      What I will do however is give you a free Lalaland Paddle, the newest fashion. It is a broomstick with pool noodle on the ends. Unequalled rolling ability, great lift, plus good to hit annoying friends in orange kayaks.

    3. I take the offer, there are some good reviews about the Lalaland paddles. I will carry it with me so be careful next time you come close with your orange kayak. :-)

  2. You have really expanded your kayaking repertoire since we 1st met long ago in your Mirage. What's next; maybe a ski, or will you turn your talents to marathon racing and we'll see you at next year's Hawkesbury Classic?
    Good upper body body rotation and recovery position in that 2nd photo - maybe need a bit more drive on your left leg to get more power/full body rotation. (I'm only jealous :()

    1. Thanks Owen, there has been a lot of water under the hull since that day yes.
      I did racing when I was young. Now I am into this for the fun and the k1 is only for the days I cant get to the ocean.
      Do you want me to go backward jumping to a ski? :-)