Friday, 18 January 2013

Sea kayak surfing and some nice looking extras

Back in December, before I went on holidays, I went paddle surfing with Mark an afternoon. Not even 40 km south from where we were trying to catch some waves, a group of paddling friends were struggling with winds of 25 knots and confused seas. In our location we had no wind, the waves were small and we were pressed to find a good spot to play with the them.
We settled on a sand bar near the beach were the waves had a bit of action. Half way through the play session I landed to take some shots of Mark surfing his kayak from the beach. During that brief period the best waves of the afternoon went by. At least I had landed near a group a young ladies enjoying the sun as they came to this world. I swear I landed there by chance!!! ;-)
Anyway, I managed to get the following video... NO!!! No naked bodies just us enjoying the surf.

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