Sunday, 7 October 2012

Calm conditions, nice coast and best people

The trip was advertised on the club calendar as car camping for 3 days. That is the kind of multiday trip I like... at least until I get a kayak that can handle more gear without giving in manoeuvrability.

It happened last weekend some 300km south of Sydney, in Batemans bay area. 17 people in total. Beautiful area. It was a pity that we all missed Saturday's paddle due to windy conditions. I had been with flu like symptoms since Tuesday but on Thursday I felt better so I decided to go. Then, Saturday night cold weather while chatting and eating outdoors and Sunday’s paddle helped the bugs get stronger and put me out of action for Monday and a good part of the week. At least by cutting short the long weekend and coming back home earlier I avoided the traffic of everyone returning to Sydney.

Sunday’s paddle was good though, I was not feeling 100% but a 15 km slow pace of hugging the coast with no swell, no wind and lots of rock passages made me forget I was sick. A mother and her cub seal posing for the cameras, the scenery and company made the almost 10 hours return driving trip worth the not even 4 hours paddle.

Enjoy the little video.


  1. Very relaxing, nice seal footage, I can never see the seals in my photos. Was this near the Toll Gates?

    1. Thanks!!
      The area is a just south of Jarvis Bay and the Tollgates Is. The next day, while I drove home, the rest of the group paddled to the Tollgates from where we landed on Sunday. About 10km in a straight line.