Monday, 3 September 2012

A kayak surf session to get fit again

I was out of action for over a month. Not only out of action but also in bed for a week. An operation to remove polyps from my sinus was the cause. That left me out of shape more than I though.

As soon as the doctor said I could paddle but not get into the water I organized to go out with a couple of mates. It was shameful to keep them waiting for me. At the end of the 16km I was totally worn out. After returning home I took a good 3 hours nap and went back to sleep early that night. In my favour I can say that later in the week I was with a cold so that may explain it :-)

After that I went paddling by myself a few times in the protected waters of the bay to gain back some fitness and last week, after the doctor said I could go into the water again, I went for an 'interval training' in the surf.

Eating some foam in from the braking wave.
I also finally managed to get a new camera. After testing many (Olympus TG810, Pentax WG2, GoPro HD 2, Sony TX10, Nikon AW100) I decided that for what I mainly use it the best all round was the same I model I have lost, the Nikon AW100. So that paddle was with my new camera, the video below is the fun I managed to have (some of it is a bit out of focus because I forgot to change the autofocus but I liked the undesired effect). I have been playing with zooming and slow motion effects in the editing so there is some of that too.


  1. Hi Fer,
    nice footage with the Nikon. The zoom in effect looks like it has some good potential. When you get a chance can you post some pics of how you have rigged it? You seem to have a chest mount? And something a little more forward. I am still happy with the Gopro but like everyone else I like to continually look at other options.


  2. I liked the slo mo air time Fer, nice shot.

    1. Thanks Mark, coming from who introduced me to the editing it feels twice the compliment!
      When I saw that tip of water "falling upwards" I though I needed to do something with it. It took me a while to get that part as I wanted but in the end I liked the effect.