Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Surf, rebounds and rolling

Two nice extracts from a video taken with a borrowed camera while paddling out from Cronulla Beach on an almost flat sea.
They were with a borrowed camera because I have lost mine. It was not in the water but in a trek with family and friends. It fell, I saw it on the floor, I thought of picking it up, something distracted me and the next day when I wanted to download the photos I couldn't find it. It was the present from my wife for my birthday and it didn't last long, however the bug for taking videos and photos from the kayak was implanted during that short period, so I am in the lookout for the next camera.

Dragomir lent me his GoPro Hero 2 to see if this is going to be my next camera. He put a special lens in it so the camera doesn't get fog and the photos are not so distorted as a result of the wide angle. I have to say that the special lens helped with the fog but not with the distortion
I have checked it, my paddle is still straight!!!
A feature I liked is to be able to take photos every n seconds. In that mode and mounted on the helmet I got this one
Surfing in or more accurate 'broaching' in
However I was told the strong point of this camera is to take videos but the setting must have been wrong because they were not better than with my lost Nikon AW100.
Below is the compiled version. We had a mild doses of everything: surfing in and out and for fun, a bit of rock gardening and some rolling.


  1. Nice action shooting Fer

  2. U R a rising star, Fernando!

  3. G’day,
    I saw on your blog you are thinking about a new camera and you have tried the Gopro. If you are interested I brought a Gopro about a month ago and have had pretty good results. It still fogs up occasionally but you can wipe it out and I need to wipe it more often to remove salt residue but it is mostly working for me. Here is a link to some of my Gopro footage:

    PS Nice Blog


    1. Hi Josh,
      I didn't really like the go pro as unique camera but after a waterproof point and shoot I think i'd get a go pro (whenever the funds are available again :-( ). In my view the go pro has 3 deficits: no visor (for the price range), no zoom and not good quality phootos. I am decided to get a pentax wg2 unless I find a flaw in it within the next two weeks that is when i am going to get it.
      Nice videos in your channel, we should coordinate to go for a paddle one day.